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The Crab Island Shuttle Boat, Destin’s most popular Crab Island excursion, offers the cheapest way to get to the famous Crab Island sandbar for some fun in the sun. This unique water taxi service is offered to and from Crab Island, and round-trip tickets can be purchased for $49-$59 ($34 for children under 5), depending on the season and trip length.

Bring your floaties and a small cooler with food and drinks and enjoy the short shuttle boat ride from the Destin Harbor and 2-2.5 full hours (depending on the trip reserved) anchored at Crab Island, where you can float or walk around the sandbar or enjoy attractions such as the mobile food boat vendors and the floating Reef Burger Restaurant, and more (note: attractions are separate businesses and are not included in shuttle price).

About the Shuttle Boat

The Crab Island Shuttle Boat is a licensed, insured, U.S. Coast Guard documented, 32’ tour boat with the capacity to seat up to 30 passengers (each living, breathing human being counts as a passenger and must be accounted for during booking), plus captain and crew.

There is a small storage compartment located under each seat for your personal items such as a small cooler, sunscreen, sunglasses, and camera (items may be purchased in our on-site store if you need them) and an enclosed marine restroom onboard.

The seating area is covered to offer shade from the sun and there is easy ladder access on and off the boat so that you can enjoy Crab Island or relax on the boat for the duration of the excursion. Food, drink, and alcohol (no glass bottles, please) are allowed on the boat, and can be purchased at check-in, but please remember that this is a family-friendly excursion. For more information about the Crab Island Shuttle Boat, call (850) 733-7434.

Shuttle Boat Pricing

Starting at

$40 per seat

  • 2.5 hour or 3 hour Crab Island excursions

  • Guided tour of the Destin Harbor & Crab Island

  • Licensed captain and crew member, who stay with you for the duration of the excursion

  • Emergency life jackets for all ages

  • Enclosed marine restroom

  • Under-seat storage compartment for your personal items

  • 10% off your food purchase at The Edge Seafood Restaurant

$34 for children under 5 (all shuttle boat tours)

$85 all-inclusive adventure tour also available

*Add 7% Florida sales tax and 3% National Parks Service Admission Fee to ticket price. Rates may vary on holidays and holiday weekends. Groups of 10 or more will automatically be charged 10% gratuity for captain and crew.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Shuttle Boat and the Adventure Tours?2023-01-05T11:01:53-05:00

In a nutshell, the Shuttle Boat includes your trip to and from Crab Island and does not include any additional activities. The Adventure Tour offers an additional stop at the Gulf Islands National Seashore, where there are activities set up, such as an inflatable water park, stand up paddleboards, kayaks, and snorkel gear, which are all included in the ticket price.

Does the water really look like the pictures?2023-06-28T10:01:15-04:00

We are very lucky that so many days here in Destin look exactly like the beautiful photos and videos you see on our website & other marketing materials. However, you should be aware that all of our water adventures are outdoors and influenced by Mother Nature. Many days the water at Crab Island is crystal clear and aquamarine in color; others are not. Though we hope that every day is perfect, we are not in control of the wind, waves, tides, clouds, rain or underwater sea life.

What Should I bring for Crab Island?2023-06-09T19:36:32-04:00

Pack like you would to visit the beach or pool. Your belongings should be able to fit on your lap or under your seat, similar to airline carry-on baggage. For your convenience, our on-site store offers many of the items you would need for your day at Crab Island, including beer and wine. You may also purchase food to go from The Edge Seafood Restaurant (you will receive 10% off with your tour boat wristband). You may also want to bring cash for Crab Island vendors if you would like to use their services while on the sandbar, and gratuity for captain and crew (optional, but customary & appreciated!).

Can I bring a cooler? What about alcohol?2023-06-09T19:34:08-04:00

Yes! Food and non-alcoholic drinks are available for sale at Crab Island. If you prefer to bring your own, you can bring a small “six pack” size cooler to store under your seat for your visit to Crab Island. Food, drink, and alcohol are allowed to be brought on the boat (no glass bottles, please.). Beer, wine, and liquor are available for purchase at check-in from The Edge Seafood Restaurant.

Do you drop us off at Crab Island and leave us there?2021-04-21T15:32:02-04:00

Crab Island is a sandbar and is completely submerged underwater. For your safety, we are unable to drop you off in the middle of the water and leave you there. Our captain and crew will stay with you for the duration of the tour. If you would like to spend a longer period of time at Crab Island, we recommend renting a boat from Destin Vacation Boat Rentals.

What is your cancellation policy?2021-12-15T10:01:15-05:00

We require 48 hours notice of cancellation for reasons other than inclement weather at the time of departure. Cancellations made before the 48 hour deadline will be issued a full refund minus a $5 processing fee. In the event that your reservation is cancelled by management for bad weather at the time of your excursion, we will do our best to reschedule you or you may cancel at no charge at that time. Cancellations made with fewer than 48 hours notice or no-shows will not be eligible for a refund. Unfortunately, we are not able to refund guests for every illness, family emergency, death in the family, delayed flight, or unexpected crisis that may occur. To protect against these types of situations, travel insurance is highly recommended.

Are reservations required?2021-04-21T15:32:02-04:00

Advance reservations are required as we do sell out daily during peak (Summer) season and cannot guarantee a spot on the boat if you do not have a reservation. During Spring and Fall months, we require a minimum number of seats to run a trip. If the minimum number is not met, the tour will be canceled/rescheduled. Please book in advance so we know you plan on coming.

Is there shade on the boat?2021-10-07T19:10:58-04:00

The Shuttle Boat and the Adventure Tour boats are partially shaded and offer full-sun seats or full-shade seats, depending on your preference. You may also get off the boat and enjoy the sunshine once we get to the Adventure Park/Crab Island. Lotion sunscreen is highly recommended, even if you plan to stay on the boat, as the sun’s rays do reflect off the water. Spray and aerosol sunscreens are not allowed as they may damage the boat. Lotion suncreen is available for purchase on site.

Do babies count as passengers?2023-01-05T11:05:47-05:00

Yes. The United States Coast Guard counts every living, breathing person on the boat as a passenger on the vessel. We are legally only allowed to carry a certain number of total passengers (plus captain and crew), so please make sure to purchase a seat for each person in your group. Additionally, if the total weight of your group exceeds 250lbs per person (for example a family of 4 that weighs more than 1000lbs), please let us know when booking so that we can block off additional seats so as not to exceed the weight limit on the boat.

Are Crab Island attractions included in the ticket price?2021-05-12T17:06:47-04:00

Shuttle Boat tickets include your transportation to and from Crab Island. The vendors at Crab Island are separate businesses and are NOT included in the ticket price. Please note there is no longer an inflatable water park set up AT Crab Island due to new restrictions on overnight anchoring from the County. We do offer the Crab Island Adventure Tour that includes activities such as an inflatable water park, kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling along the Gulf Islands National Seashore in addition to a stop at Crab Island if you are looking for more than just transportation.

How long is the boat ride to Crab Island?2021-09-15T09:24:20-04:00

It only takes about 5 minutes to get to Crab Island from our location on the Destin Harbor.

Will there be other people with us on the boat?2021-07-12T09:44:36-04:00

Yes, unless you book a private trip, you will be sharing the experience with others who also purchase individual tickets on the boat.

Are pets allowed?2021-06-26T15:04:18-04:00

We allow service animals only. A service animal is any dog that has been trained to perform tasks to benefit an individual. The work performed must be directly related to the individual’s disability. According to the ADA, service animals for emotional support, therapy, comfort or companionship are not considered service animals.

The guest requiring the service animal must be in possession of the animal at all times. ​Due to the nature of Crab Island tours, the guest and the service animal may be required to remain on the boat for the entirety of the tour. This is to ensure the guest’s safety as well as that of the service animal, Destin wildlife, other guests, captain and crew.

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